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Solar Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s) benefits

Why should I need water making machine/ Atmospheric Water generator (AWG)?

Tap water contains very small amounts of heavy metals (like aluminum, mercury and lead). It also contains carcinogenic chemicals such as (industrial chemicals, fluorine, chlorine, and pharmaceutical drugs), agricultural pesticides and pathogenic microorganisms including (fluorine, E. coli, fluorine, and Cryptosporidium). Their levels rarely exceed the EPA’s minimum guidelines, but they are present anyway.


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Most of the time, it is impossible to completely remove these dangerous contaminants from tap water. So, the EPA has established “minimum” contamination level standards. What you do not know is what the long-term physiological side effects will be after drinking such water day after day. Laboratory research indicates that exposure to many chemicals, compounds, and toxic metals found in this drinking water for a long time can increase inside the body and its organs. After a while, it may cause dangerous disorders in the immunity system and even birth defects.

purest healthiest water - water air machines - water generator
making pure water from air

Municipality Water

City drinking water is provided to your homes and businesses daily from constantly reprocessed, recycled city sewage, rain, and flood run off water. You pay for continued recycled treated water, both when you use it, and when you dispose of it. It then goes back to where it came from (City Water Treatment Centers, or Plants). This recycled sewage water is constantly treated with chemicals to supposedly protect you from serious health issues.

Many cities have failed in providing safe drinking water. Water that comes into your home from water treatment plants contains human consumed pharmaceuticals, bathroom tissue to sewage run off from farmland and local community water. Then, home and business human sewage returns to water treatment plants again and again for recycling. It is an endless circle of water treatment and recycling. It is a good idea to order a testing kit for your local water which you pay for. You will see exactly what hides in the recycled water entering your home or business. If you want to know more about what is in your water, you may visit the EWG National Drinking Water Quality Database!


Are there benefits to health from water produced by solar atmospheric water generators/ air to water machines?

The Atmospheric Water Generator / Air to Water Machine makes the purest, high quality drinking water from air. This water is not just pure and free of any water contaminants, but also useful for health.
Water from air that Atmospheric Water Generators produce has the following benefits to the consumers:

  • Clean and pure water from air that goes through multi filtration, RO, and UV treatment ultimately eliminate hazards caused by viruses, bacteria, pesticides and heavy metal contaminants.
  •  Water from air that water generators make contains Rich oxygen which improves metabolism of your body.
  • Atmospheric Water Machines produce water that tastes sweeter and better.
  • Air to Water making machines are rich with tiny H2O molecular group. It can easily penetrate body cells which improves overall human body metabolism.
  • You will get the purest drinking water which is of great benefit to your body.
  • Atmospheric water generators can supply two kinds of water, hot & cold.
  • Solar Atmospheric Water Generators clean the air while making water from air. So, they are good for cities with pollution.
  • While making water, Solar Atmospheric Water Generators dehumidify air.
  • Solar Atmospheric Water Generators work as air conditioners while making water.

Minerals and Vitamins too….

Moreover, the pure drinking water provided daily by water making machines from Atmosphere contains minerals and vitamins. Minerals, and vitamins are essential to everyday life on Earth, and our ecosystem provides the needed essential vitamins, and minerals for all life to survive. Water generators make water from air itself which is still including the required minerals and vitamins since it is not processed or treated in water plants. This makes this water from air healthy besides the fact of being the purist potable water.

purest healthiest water - water air machines - water generator
Fresh Clear Transparent Bubble Pure Water  – Atmospheric Water Generator
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