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How AWG works

How Atmospheric water generator works!

Atmospheric water generators / air to water machines change air into pure potable water without the existence of any water source, depending on the level humidity and temperature. The humidity level should be at least 50% or above to make the best amount of water from air. In areas with lower humidity level, the air to water machine will still produce water but not as quickly, nor as much as in places with high level of humidity. Inside houses, a higher level of humidity exists around the kitchen area, near an open window or in more spacious rooms. This unit also performs well in an air-conditioned room, but it is recommended to open the window at night to make the room ventilated. Because the Atmospheric Water Generator works by converting the humidity in the air to water, this unit also acts as an effective dehumidifier.

In areas with high humidity, the water making machine does not only act as a good water generator, but also a perfect dehumidifier to keep you healthy and ensure your home appliances last for a long service time.


Many atmospheric water generators work like a dehumidifier: the air passes over a cooled coil, causing water to condense. The rate of water made depends on the ambient temperature, humidity, the volume of air passing over the coil, and the air to water machine’s capacity to cool the coil. These systems reduce air temperature, which in turn reduces the air’s capacity to carry water vapor. This is the most common technology in use.


Another available technology uses liquid or “wet” desiccants such as lithium chloride or lithium bromide to make water from air or pull water from the air via hygroscopic processes. A proposed similar technique combines the use of solid desiccants, such as silica gel and zeolite, with pressure condensation. Direct drinking quality water making machines that use sun light are also under development.


For high quality drinking pure water, The Atmospheric Water Generator utilizes several filtration technologies. They are designed for contaminated air and water environments to make healthy daily water from air. Atmospheric Water Generators / water making machines make healthy water from air daily, filtering water three to four times in one circulation and killing bacteria with the latest technology used in industry. If water is not consumed, the machine will re-circulate and filter existing water again, which makes water much more superior then any drinking water in the world.

How Atmospheric water generator works! The process of air to water operation
making water from air process


Make water from “Air and Sun”

Atmospheric water generators use electricity power which is a catch on this technology. However, it is possible to use solar energy instead. This option makes it possible to get water with zero cost, especially in hot humid areas. The solar energy system may be a little expensive, but it is just bought for once except for the battery that can be generally changed every three to five years. Eventually, it is nothing comparing to the healthy pure water you will get with much less money.

If you use a calculator to compare the bills you pay, it will be more valuable using green technology. Just thinks about being independent, it a beautiful feeling. When it comes to getting electricity and pure potable water from natural free sources, it feels perfect.

How Atmospheric water generator works! solar panel
Solar energy
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